A Gift for Jay
We are trying to raise $1,000 to help Maryellen pay off some bills. You can give online or send a check to Sabre Missions.
Sabre Missions
P. O. Box 9354
Colorardo Springs, CO 80932-0354

Fee calculator
The company handling our donations takes 3% and a $0.35 fee per transaction of credit/debit card transactions. Using eCheck, the company only takes 0.75% and a $0.25 fee per transaction.

We don't ask you to cover the fee, it's only provided as a service so you know what it costs. To be blunt we'd rather have 97% of something than 100% of nothing.

Make checks payable to Sabre Missions.
Put "Byassee" in the memo line to indicate this is for Jay's family.

Enter your donation (with or without fees).
When processing the gift on the donation page (after clicking on "Go"), select "Byassee Gift" on the right for the fund.
Because this is a gift to an individual, IRS regulations prohibit being able to have this as a tax deductible gift.