Michael and his friend Justin joined a group with our friends and their church in Rifle, CO for the first trip. Betty and I took them to Rifle and they left with our friends. Michael was 17. 
Two things happened in Michael's life as a result of this trip. First, he appreciated his room and the house, because Grandma Aurelia had a house with no facilities, heat, plumbing or electricity which she shared that with four grandchildren and a dog. 
The second thing was he saw God work by bringing in the money for the trip. Back in 1999 he had to raise $500. He couldn't see how he could get it. He sent letters to his friends and family and in a couple of weeks, he more than enough for the trip.

When they got to the site, they discovered Grandma Aurelia didn't own the land. We don't build unless the family owns the land so the owner can't kick them out of the house and take it. She did, however, own the land a bit down the hill and it got moved. The downside was that when it rained it would have glooded the lot so they dug a trench around the property. You can see it on the "Wall Frame" picture. The house still stands.