Medical Power of Attorney and Permission Forms
For each trip, teenagers under 18 or living with and covered by their parents medical insurance, need to fill out a medical power of attorney for the dates of the trip. This makes sure we can authorize medical treatment and have the parent's or guardian's permission to take them into Mexico. 
Adults need to fill out the medical power of attorney to give us permission to authorize medical treatment. 
Parent Permission
Adult Permission
The Medical Power of Attorney needs to be notarized to be valid. 
Sample Support Letters
Those going on the trip do not need to Send support letters. We strongly encourage everyone to do that for several reasons: 
It allows others to be involved in the trip. 
It allows others to share in the blessings of the trip when they cannot go. 
It encourages prayer support for the individual and the trip 
It helps create an accountability group for the participant. 
Let the Lord work through others and see the blessings He brings. 
Support Letter Guidelines
Sample Support Letter
Prayer List 
There is a suggested packing list and a list of things to avoid, to not bring and what to expect. 
Packing List 
Trip Summary (The current information about the conditions in Tecate can be found on the State Department web site.)
Here is the shopping list of things we like to bring give to the people in Mexico. 
Shopping List

As of 2009, the state department requires passports or pass cards to leave and enter the United States. It can take up to 8-11 weeks to get a new or renew a passport. Recently, that time has been shorter, but there's no guarantee so don't plan on it. If your passport expires within a couple of months after the trip, get it renewed before leaving to avoid problems getting back into the country.
As of January 2022, the costs for a passport are: 
  • Adult & minor 16-17 Passport: $165: $130 + $35 Execution fee 
  • Adult Passport Card: $65: $30 + $35 Execution fee (acceptable for land or boat travel from Canada, Mexico, Bermuda or the Caribbean) 
  • Minor (under 16) Passport: $135: $100 + $35 Execution fee 
  • Minor (under 16) Passport Card: $50: $15 + $35 Execution fee (acceptable for land or boat travel from Canada, Mexico, Bermuda or the Caribbean) 
Renewals do not have the $35 Execution Fee. According to the State Department, it takes 8-11 weeks to get a passport. To expedite the process and get it in 5-7 weeks, add $60. To get it sooner, you need to visit a State Department Passport Agency.