This was the first year we built our own house. We joined the church in Rifle again, but, due to scheduling, it was the last time we joined them.
I remember Paul, our leader, said we had enough people to build a house. That's fine. Until he told me I was suppose to lead it. Seriously? I had helped on one house. Now I had to remember how it went together? I was scared about it not coming together. It did though, and there's been several houses since. All of which are still standing.

A couple of the houses had some issues. One of the houses (second to the last picture) was built so close to the previous house, It had to be painted before putting up the walls. The foundation of another was not level (last picture). The leader of that house had to put in supports to level the house.

This year I learned that the houses are never perfect and I learned that close counts. I have a couple of expressions to help others understand this. The first one is "Hammer to fit. Paint to match." The other one is "Semper Gumby" (always flexible).