This was the first trip we did with Northview Evangelical Free church. The two groups proved an interesting challenge. They really wanted to stay apart, but by the end of the trip friendships were forged and lasting relationships were made. Friday night, when we were reflecting on the week, the kids from New Heart, the first church that started coming, felt like the kids from Northview were the new comers and this was their trip. The kids from Northview felt they were a bigger group and Pastor Todd was from their church and it was their trip. They all confessed that they felt as though it was their trip.
This year we built another church and a house. Michael led the team that built the house. He wasn't so sure that was a good idea, but he got it done on schedule.

This was the first year of the "Adopt a Bucket" program. Betty had people take buckets and people would fill them with donations and we took them to Mexico. Not only do people appreciate the contents, but they also appreciate the buckets. A lot of people don't have running water so the buckets give them a way to bring water to their house.

Picture #7 shows ministry in action. Sometimes the younger kids on the trip spend time with the kids in the neighborhood. They come around to see what we're doing. When our kids spend time with neighborhood kids, we have a greater impact.

On a sad note, there's Michael's Bronco. We ended up a vehicle short on Saturday morning and I volunteered Michael's Bronco. He decided to visit a friend in Phoenix on Friday and we swould meet him on Saturday morning. At about 4 am, his transmission died on I-10 in Phoenix. We left it there to be fixed and we came down in a couple of weeks to get it. Alas, the Bronco is gone.