We built a school, because they had been meeting in a building made of garage doors and it blew down. They moved into a couple of buses. We built a simple building that is 16X32 with a wall in the middle to make two rooms. We also added a classroom to Alpha y Omega.

We had some interesting challenges. We couldn't work on Tuesday, because of the rain and the wind. The wind blew one of the walls down, so we had to pack it in for the day. Then we put drywall up and that included the ceiling. Normally we don't do that, but we felt it was a good thing to do.

We still, under the capable leadership of Michael, finished the school in time for the dedication on Thursday.

Then, of course, there's the government. It turns out the school was started, because of the population growth in the area, but, because of the lack of funds, they couldn't build a school house. Some teachers got together and started classes in the make-shift building and then to the buses. Anna asked if we could build them a school. Sure, why not? Well, we did. We had this big celebration on Thursday and the superintendent of the school district came and it was a great time. When Betty and I came in October, there was a huge sign in front of the building (last picture). We asked Anna what it said and she hestitated. We pressed her and she finally said it was a sign put up by the mayor saying this is what he did for the schools. Technically, it says the Office of Community Works has fullfilled their promise by making this school possible. Betty and I laughed. The mayor was on the radio and tried to take credit for the school. So many people called in to say, in effect, "Our christian brothers and sisters from the United States did this." So many people called, it shut the phone system in the area. God knows who built it.