We built three houses. That's good. We didn't have supplies for the third one on Monday. That's bad. We were able to use that team to start the second house and have enough people to build the rafters. That's good. We were a little short staffed for all the houses. That's bad. The people getting the houses helped build them. That's good. We finished the houses right on time. That's good.

Except for a delay in getting the building materials for the last house, things really went pretty smooth. In some ways, by having the materials come late, we were able to dedicate people to building rafters. Some of the group that would have worked on the third house, built the walls for the second house. On Tuesday, that group went to the third house and the rafter crew finished the second house. That means they had one less day to build, but I let them cheat and use pnuematic nailers to speed the wall building process. Still, it was a lot of hard work and long days.

We didn't have a lot of kids at VBS, but I trust God had the right kids.