This year we built a house (a little bigger than normal), put a roof on a old building (using tar and shingle paper) and put in a bathroom at Alpha y Omega. 

The house was 24X16 rather than our normal 16X16. It's a nicer house and we do that size now. The roofing job was at a church that had a cement roof and it needed to be tarred and shingled. That was quite a challenge, but we were able to do it. Finally, we had a crew put up the walls for a bathroom. We had some interesting challenges with that, but we were able to finish it successfully. The main thing was getting the doors on the men's room. The door just wouldn't fit in the hole. We measured and measured and it was the right size. I finally realized it was trapezoidal and not square. We couldn't get the leverage to push in the bottom. I backed the truck up to the wall, pushing it in, until the opening was square (#8). Then we nailed it down and the door fit.

The last picture (#14) is my "stick of rememberance." We put spacers between the rafters to seal the roof. It's about 5" and we rip a 2x6 and the leaves us just less than an inch strip of wood. We use that to create the door jam. This 2x6 had a knot at one end. This is what was left after I cut the strips for the door jam. Yes, it just missed the knot. It reminds me that God provides what we need.