We built two houses (16x24) and added some classrooms to the church we built in 2005. The bigger house really makes a nicer living space, because we put a wall in the middle making two 16x12 rooms. 
This was a very eventful trip. God blessed us with a good trip. We finished all the projects, but there were multiple disasters. For the first time in nearly 250,000 miles we had our first accident (#3 and #4). Just outside of Santa Fe, NM, I hit an icy patch and slid. The Suburban hit the guardrail on the right, then bounced to the other side of the interstate and hit the left guardrail. Then it started across the interstate again, but the Ryder truck hit the front passenger door and the Suburban bounced back to the left guardrail and slid to a stop. I was able to drive to the other side of the road. Nobody was hurt, but a guitar suffered a broken neck. The Suburban survived. It crabbed all the way down to Mexico and back. In fact, I took it to Las Vegas for the National Association of Broadcasters.
Early in the week, I dropped my brand new camera. It still worked, but it needed repair. Then my saw fell out the truck and it broke. All in all... I wouldn't have minded if those events hadn't happened. Still, God is faithful and He allowed us to minister to the people in Tecate.

Because of Michael's job and other things, this was his last trip for several years.