It was pretty rainy and cold this week. Monday and Tuesday were particularly wet, but we were able to build two houses. The temperature was pretty low for Tecate. Mornings were cold and we could see our breath in the dining room (#10). The people in Tecate don't have furnaces, because it stays pretty warm. When it drops to 40, it's cold.

The lady who received the first house, was in the parking lot of a convenience store a few days before we came to Tecate. Anna saw her and talked to her and discovered she was losing her place to live and didn't know what she was going to do. We were able to give her a place to live.

The second house was for a family that was moving between relatives. She had praying for a house a long time and her friends and family said it would happen. She said she'd believe it when someone gave her the keys. I handed her the keys to her house.

The van (aka "The Beast" #9)... The boss of one people on the trip, offered us the use of his van last year. His family called it “The Beast.” This year, we asked to use it again and he agreed, but he really wanted to sell it. He was going to ask $2,000 for it, but said we could buy it for $500. The Lord gave us enough money to buy the van and give Elena the money to import it.