2016 - 2020
From 2016 to 2018 we built nine houses, three a year and added the bathroom and kitchen to Peter's and Anna's house in 2016. 2017 was a hard trip, because it was the first trip after Michael died. There's a sopt on Intersate 8 at mile marker 54 in Arizona. Officially, it's called Mohawk pass. In 2006, Michael drove our F-350 Ford truck with dual gas tanks pulling the trailer. At that spot, the first tank ran out of gas so Michael threw the switch, but the second tank didn't connect so he pulled off the road. Betty and I came up the hill and we saw the truck and trailer and said, "That looks like our truck." Yes, it was. We put those in the truck into other vehicles and I stayed with the truck. Eventually, the tank switched and off I went. Every time we hit that spot in the road, it's hard. I remember Michael. There are many spots in the road that have memories of Michael, but this one is really hard for some reason. Thus, 2017 was hard.

In 2018, we had promised three families houses and when there were only 31 people on the trip, we still built three houses, but with smaller crews. It made it challenging, but we finished. We had some long days. 
Due to Covid restriction in Mexico and on the road, we had to cancel the trip one week before we left.