With only 31 people on the trip, we still built three houses with only about 8 or 9 people on each team (8 on Monday and then 9 on the other days). Yes, I know that 9X3 is 27, but there were some small kids, the painting crew and some who didn't build (Betty and me). The painting crew worked on all three houses.

Anna's house (House 1 - the little one with the house next to it on the right) had burned down. Last year another group built her the house on the right in the picture. In the spring, the neighbor's house, which would have been on the left, caught fire and that burned Anna's old house. The fire was spreading and just as it started to burn the new house, the wind shifted and God spared it. It lost some shingles, but we fixed that. She also had a dog that just had puppies. They got more attention than the house.

Gabby's house had a foundation issue. Elena's house was out in the sticks so we only had boys out there, because the only bathroom was on the hill behind some rocks. It was joy to build a house for Elena. I met here in 2003 when she became our translator. Since then she has become our cook, assistant and great friend.