We had a huge challenge on this trip. At first over thirty people had decided to come on the trip and, based on that number, we had already committed to building three houses. The families had been told and the money sent for the foundations. That was fine until several had to drop out of the trip. That meant two critical things happened. First and foremost, we had skeleton crews on the houses and, during vacation bible school, we had even less on the crews. Two things really helped in finishing the houses. First, the three houses were close to each other so we could communicate easily and share resources. Second, friends of Anna and the families came to help.

The second critical thing that suffered from the drop in people was less funds for buying the materials. Fortunately, our reserve from 2011 and the fact several of the team raised more than they needed, we were able to get the materials for the houses and be able to eat. The teenagers, especially the boys, were grateful.

Gil led the third house. He was raised by a single mom and the house went to a single mom. Gil identified with the mother and he really appreciated being able to help her.  When I assigned houses, I didn't know the stories of the families. This is how God works.