A couple of years ago, I finally discovered that God allows me to plan the trip, but He controls it. We've had several people drop out at the last minute after committing to build three houses, an accident and dead van. I didn't plan those things, but, as usual, God turned them to good.

After returning every year, I don't know if we'll go back the next year. It's never because of events on the trip, but I don't know if God will call us to return. So far, He has always called us back. How do I know? He brings projects, people and funds. Now we have property and ministry land.

As of the trip in 2022, we've built 38 houses, four churches, a bath house, dining pavilion, added a kitchen and bathroom for Peter and Anna, three Sunday School rooms, a kitchen and bathrooms for the first church we built and a public school. We've now added two houses we reroofed. Two of the 38 houses we have built were done by Peter and some people from their church, because of the trip being cancelled after we purchased the materials.
In October of 2019, a fire went through the area just south of the church Anna and Peter attend. Our plan for 2020 was to build houses for families that lost their houses in the fire. However, the lockdown on travel and in Tecate, forced us to cancel the trip. Peter and some others were able to use the
material we bought to build the houses. The trip for 2021 was also cancelled, because of Covid restrictions and drug cartel violence.

The Covid restrictions have been lifted and the drug cartels have moved on to other things. We had a trip in 2022. Now we are planning the 2023 trip. It's still too early to have any details.
In 2016 we built a house for little Ezak (pictured left). He passed away in March. Michael added a kitchen and bath for Peter and Anna's little house that used to be the bath house.

We stretched ourselves in 2017. We barely had enough people to build the houses, but the Lord gave us grace to finish them. It was also the first trip after Michael (pictured bottom) died. That it made it a hard trip for Betty and me.
As for 2018, it was another stretch year. Smaller group and three houses. They were finished, but we had some long days.

In 2019 we didn't have quite enough people for three houses until just before we left. Rather than add another house and
scramble to get another foundation laid and try get everything ready, we decided to use the rafter crew to reroof a couple of houses. One was easy - the other one... not so much. This was also the first year since 2005 that we didn't have VBS. We planned for it, but the schools changed their schedules. Normally, they have school half days. This year it was all day so there weren't any kids.

Unfortunately, the trip for 2020 was cancelled after we purchased the materials. Peter has been able to get two of the four houses built.
Another first happened during this time - a marriage proposal (2013)! Not only that, but in 2014 we had our first mission trip grand baby! The couple met on the trip in 2005, got married several years later and had their daughter in 2014.

We also had our one and only van casualty.
On the way back in 2013, the van blew a head gasket 17 miles east of Gila Bend, AZ. The Lord didn't fix the van, but He provided a place to stay in Phoenix and we got a rental van and made it home late Sunday night. 
God is using our trip in ways that we could never have imagined. 
Michael has been unable to go on the trip the last few years and has been missed. He and his wife are busy raising our grandchildren. they're such a blessing. 
During these years we built ten houses a church, added a Sunday School room to a house church and started the renovation on Peter and Anna's new living quarters -- the bath house we built in 2006.
We built several different things during these years from an outdoor pavilion (2006) to a public school (2007). 
This was also a very sad time. Frank (pictured) committed suicide in 2008, a week after our trip.
In 2009, we started building the houses a bit bigger (16x24) rather the 16x16. Frank never saw that change, but I'm sure he would have liked it. 
In 2010, I slid on the interstate going to Tecate and ended up totaling our Suburban. It made it to Tecate, back and then to Las Vegas and back before we got the insurance settlement. This has been the only accident we've had the trip. That's not so bad considering how many miles we've driven over the years. 
We built five houses, put on two roofs (one for Elena), a bath house, a pavilion, one school and a church.
2001 to 2005 was a time a change. We started going on our own trip in 2002 and in 2005 we joined with another church. 
The first year of bringing another church brought a bit of a challenge, but the youth pastor for the "new" church handled it very well.

When all the kids got into the van with “their” church. Pastor Todd made them get out and he mixed the kids together in the vans. As a result, they got to know each other and, to this day, there are still close friends. In fact, on that trip Jed and Anna met, eventually got married on now two kids. 
In 2004 we started staying at La Puerta Abierta (pictured) and have stayed there every year since. 
During these years, we built two churches and four houses.
1999 was first year we got involved in the mission trip to Tecate. Michael, our son went with his friend Justin and joined a group from Rifle, CO. They built a house for Grandma Aurelia (pictured).

At the time, she was living in a make shift shelter using 
pallets and scrapped garage doors. Her daughter had just remarried and her husband didn't want to take in her four children. Grandma Auleria took them. She passed away in 2012 and we miss her. 
I started going in 2000. We had six brave souls (including me). We went with our friends from Rifle this year. They built four houses and we helped on each one. 
We built five houses in these two years.